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The L.S14

What is the first thing that you think of when you think about an S Chassis? Is it that rusty, 289,000 KM car on kijiji for $11,000? Is it sliding some super stancy-boi S15 around the streets of Japan? Or maybe it is the old lady driving the vert’ S13 around the neighbourhood. I can tell you that Jake’s S14 is not any of those. When was the last time you saw a super minty, left hand drive, and fast S14? If you haven’t seen one in a while, it is probably in your best interest to keep reading.

I remember first seeing this car five years ago at various meets around Calgary. Back then, it had an SR20 and some highlighter coloured wheels, man, things have changed. The car went through a couple various phases since then. Issues with the SR20 led Jake to swap the car, again. Keep in mind this is a Canadian spec 240SX, so from the factory it came with the KA24DE. After the SR came an LS, yes, another LS swapped 240, but this one is a little different. After that LS came….a built LS.

The car currently sits with an 02’ 5.7L LS1 with a built bottom end. Oh, did I mention the turbo?

If your regular V8 swapped Nissan isn’t doing the trick for you, it only makes sense to throw a Borgwarner S366sxe on it. 530 WHP and 550 WTQ in a 240SX with not a lot of interior left, I’ll let you do the math. Let's just revel in these engine bay pics, it is recommended to grab a rag or cloth before you scroll down: drooling may occur.

I love how the different angles change the colour on the intake.

If you had to sum this car up with a national flag...

Now, the last of the bay photos, a moody one just so you can be like "damn."

Saying that this car is “mint” is about as accurate of a statement as you could make, it is always impressive when you see a car from the 90’s in such good shape. Jake’s 240 is a 1995, Canadian spec version. When Jake first acquired the car some years back, one of the first thing he did was paint it a custom pearl tri-stage white. I always like the look of white Japanese cars in white, I may be a little biased because of my car, but add some pearl and OUF.

Some other subtle OEM exterior changes such as 97’ taillights, side-skirts and spoiler really make the car pop.

Those aren’t the only exterior changes though. The car also has a custom Koncept Industries hood vent, Navan rear valances, and Modify Wonder Japan hood risers, just to name a couple.

Let’s talk interior. Just like the outside, the interior is fairly tame visually, in comparison to some other builds.

The first thing that you would notice is probably how its stripped down to the paint. Normally, I wouldn’t call a stripped interior clean, but the fact the interior was also painted in that nice pearl white really adds some uuuumph.

Next, you will probably notice the nice Bride Vios III seats. It is always a bonus when both the drivers and passenger seat match!

Other interior bits include Sparco harnesses, NRG wheel and hub, and some Autometer essential gauges.

I could go on forever about the little details of this car, but I will wrap it up with some wheel and brake talk, then at the end of the article I will post the build list Jake passed on to me.

We all know wheel choice can make, or break a car. In Jake’s case, the car is very, very “made.” Advan GT Premium in titanium blue? Yes please. Jake is lucky these wouldn’t fit on my car, because these are 100% wheel goals for me.

Peaking through those sexy blue wheels are, you guessed it, some sexy brakes. The CTS-V brake upgrades are becoming more and more popular, and rightfully so. They give the car the stopping power it deserves.

At the end of the day, this is one of Calgary’s finest Nissan builds, it has been a pleasure seeing this car change over the years, and even more of a pleasure seeing this car in person at some shows over the years.

Full mod-list of the vehicle sent to me by the owner, Jake, (@jakes.14) listed below. More photos following the mod list!

1995 240sx


- Custom Pearl tristage white paint

- Circuit sport clear front lights

- ‘97 tail lights

- ‘97 side skirts

- ‘97 spoiler

- Navan rear valances

- Modify wonder japan good riser

- koncept industries hood vent


- Stripped professionally paint matched tristage - Bride vios iii

- Sparco harnesses

- Harness bar

- NRG hub and wheel

- Autometer essential gauges

- Taylor Battery relocate


- ‘02 5.7L lS1

- compstar rods

- wise Flat-top pistons

- wiseco pins, - Clevite bearings

- ARP hardware though out

- Tuned 550tq 530hp

- Fueled racing motor mounts

- Chase bays tucked wiring harness

- Moroso race oil pan

- Borgwarner s366sxe

- Twin Percision 46mm waste gates

- Tial blow off valve

- Aeromotive FPR

- Aeromotice 340 pump - Holly fuel rails

- All AN lines

- Mishimoto rad hoses

- Aluminum rad

- Holly high rise valve covers

- MSD coil packs and plug wires

- Titanium turbo blanket and plug covers

- 4” intercooler core

- Fabbed intercooler piping, exhaust manifold, down-pipe and exhaust

Suspension drivetrain:

- Full ISR adjustable arm kit

- Bushing kit

- Tien coilovers

- Ctsv brake upgrade

- Chase bays tucked brake lines

- Track pads slotted rotors

- Z32 brake master

- T56 transmission

- Act clutch kit

- Remote clutch bleed

- Fueled racing tans mount

- Fueled racing drive shaft

- Stock r400 diff

Wheels and tires:

- Advan GT premium titanium blue 18x9.5

- Advan GT premium titanium blue 18x10.5 - 285 18” nitto 555

- 235 18” Bridgestone re71R

I hope you enjoyed the article! If you think you have a vehicle that is worhy of a write-up don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at photoguy@braedenpark.comor DM me on Instagram @braedendpark

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